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De la Iglesia works with José Mota in 'La chispa de la vida'

Manuel Vega Loo

03/05/2012 - Álex de la Iglesia trusted on Spanish comedian José Mota for the lead roll of his film La chispa de la vida (The Spark of Life), decision which he does not regret after seeing the welcome his movie has had with the audience.

De la Iglesia, who closed the International Film Festival Panama on May 2, said he always took the big decisions related to the film along with producer Andrés Vicente Gómez.

According to the also director of La Comunidad (The Community), when he saw he coincided with Gómez’ ideas he had more eager to continue with the project.


The director said what is fun about making movies is to place yourself in situations in which one should ask “we should not do this”.

For such reason, came up the idea of including Mexican actress Salma Hayek which highlighted such mixture of woman with character and tenderness. With those qualities, Hayek made a performance at a whole new level.

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